Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trip to the shopping center

Well,its raining here in New York,nasty weather,not a single soul to be seen outside,only transportation and ppl who run from their homes to catch a bus.I have been waiting for Verka(thats my other half's nickname,don't ask me why) to come back from work and take me grocery shopping.Finaly,after spending half an hour in one store,I got a Kinder egg for my Evelyn.She was waiting with Verka in the car.Then,after giving her the surprise egg,and getting back a promisse that she will not open it until we get home,we went to a second huge store,which is 5 minutes distance from our home.FWI-Did you know what a 3 year old child can do with a chicolate egg on the back of your car????? I DIDN'T!!!! Remember the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?That German boy who was constantly chumping on chocolate bar?When he fell into the river...Well-thats how I found my little monster when I was about to take her out from her carseat-covered in chocolate,her clothes,hair,face,hands,her carseat needs a makeover now,not a cleanup.BUT,the good thing is-I am home, on my way to make dinner,and the Chocolate Monster got her sugar rush,running arround and screaming,just because :)

1 comment:

  1. LOL Next time you wont trast her with chocolate ! I dont trust mine anymore after she ruined a few things at my appartment!